Accommodating iol problems with yahoo

Accommodating iol problems with yahoo

For this reason, my preference is to aim for mild myopia, especially in the non-dominant eye. Power calculation is of course more challenging in such patients. None of the patients were using any medication as topical therapy before surgery.

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The surgeon must carefully manage their expectations and do a lot of handholding both pre- and postoperatively to make sure they understand the lens, the procedure, and potential outcomes. But virtually everyone gets vision good enough after binocular implantation to read newspaper print. The lens is inserted temporally with forceps so that it is initially positioned horizontally.

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Patients can rarely experience glare and halos from a smaller optic zone and irregular astigmatism related to optic flexure. Local anesthetic drops were used.

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The resulting cycloplegia gives the lens a chance to fixate without vaulting in the early postoperative period. Compromises in distance vision c.

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These results are consistent with the lens having an accommodating mechanism. Moreover, consensus is lacking on a number of issues, such as time for testing and whether testing should be binocular or monocular or both. In addition, Eyeonics has established an independent data registry for surgeons who wish to enter their outcomes data. As I noted earlier, these patients have very high expectations for postoperative vision and are relatively intolerant of a poor visual outcome.