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After their mother returns Ben takes the opportunity to finally live out his lifelong dream when he is offered a minor league baseball contract. Some of those fans follow him on his social media outlets. They then begin to date much to Billy's dismay. Although she is defined as a heartless woman, she does acknowledge Jane's value as her assistant on occasion.

When India returns as a consultant, she tells Jeremy she knows the truth and threatens to expose him unless he helps her take down Gray. Karynn Moore as Harper, Lulu's best friend. She secretly confronts Jeremy, having realized he was the mole and threatens to expose him unless he helps her take down both Gray and Jane.

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But, he has neither confirmed nor denied a relationship with either of them. He plays baseball, but he tore a shoulder ligament.

Jane's mother has returned home to Jane and Ben, and she stays awhile. Mariah Buzolin as Zoe Mendez, a new transfer student who shows interest in Billy. He left the party with his brother while Lulu stayed. Oded Fehr as Beau Bronn, Gray's ex-husband and fashion nemesis. The American actor reportedly believes that in the modern society we live in, both male and female are equally capable.

She comes off as a cocky and troublemaking student who Billy likes as an equal. She's very strict and straightforward, and is certain India wants to steal her job. He frequently posts photos from his holidays and of his meals to keep his followers entertained. But many times she does show true emotion and kindness only to rebuff it with her bad attitude.

She begins showing romantic interest in Ben, much to Rita's dismay. On the eve of the play he sprains an ankle, leaving the lead to Billy. Since he can't play baseball, the new drama teacher tells him to audition for her new play based on Cinderella. She later decides to go public with their relationship, but still feels embarrassed over their relationship. Now Billy dates the new girl, Zoe, which makes Jane feel like he's replacing her.

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She begins showing romantic interest inSince he can't play