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Top General Surgeon in Bangalore

Praveen is an experienced general surgeon who has expertise in laparascopic surgery technique. Wasim M Dar can operate on a hernia using sophisticated surgical techniques. He also has trained in handling medical emergencies, endoscopies and advanced laparascopy. Has also performed major surgeries like appendix removal, intestine surgery, liver surgery. He is also well trained to provide advanced life support measures in critical situations.

He specializes in laparoscopic and many other minimally invasive surgery fields. Specializes in surgical treatment of pancreatic inflammation.

Is one of the pioneers of minimal access surgery in Bangalore. Manipal Hospital Whitefield Experienced in performing all abdominal surgeries using laparoscopic approach. Has performed different types of surgeries to treat breast disorders, liver troubles, gall bladder troubles. He is the best general surgeon in Bangalore today.

Manipal Northside Hospital Expertise in diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders like hernia, appendicitis, piles, Crohn's disease, thyroid nodules etc. Performs minimal access as well as open surgeries.

Is renowned for her accurate diagnostic skill. Specializes in treatment of gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers.

Specializes in performing corrective surgery for hernia, breast disorders and thyroid disorders. Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal He is skilled in different subjects of general surgery field.

Has rich experience in gastrointestinal surgery. Is well versed in surgical treatment of several disorders using laparoscopic and open surgery.

With years of practice as a general surgeon, Dr. He also presented papers and videos at national as well as international conferences. Fortis La Femme Richmond Town Has rich experience in performing gastrointestinal surgery using laparoscopy, key hole and other minimally invasive methods.

Specializes in treatment of gastrointestinal

Following is the list of top General Surgeons in Bangalore city. Her research interests include surgery for neuroendocrine tumors.

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Has successfully operated upon countless cases of gallstones, appendicitis, piles etc. She has received special training in surgical removal of certain cancers. Specializes in treatment of liver cancer. His expertise includes breast cancer surgeries. His expertise include advanced laparoscopic operations, complex wall reconstruction for abdomen, breast conservation, minimal access robotic surgery, etc.

Has rich experience in gastrointestinal

Motherhood Hospital A highly talented surgeon with expertise in performing procedures like minimally invasive gastro-intestinal surgery, colo-rectal surgery and breast surgery. Book an appointment today. Manipal Northside Hospital Expertise in performing surgeries for treating health conditions of the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas etc. Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Dr.

His area of interest include gastrointestional surgery and operative methods for hernia. Wasim M Dar is the best general surgeon in Bangalore who provides both pre and postoperative care to his patients.