Buffy The Vampire Layer 1996

They slow down and she begins to approach their truck. Review by Stephanie Crosby.

After comforting Tania and finding Lucy back in her coffin, Van Helsing explains to Arthur that she was targeted to replace the woman Harker killed. Parodie du Spider-Man de Sam Raimi. Armed with a stake, he impales the woman first, who, as he looks on, immediately withers to old age and dies. The villain turns out to be a man wearing an old lady rubber mask and wig. Christina Cox and Natalie Radford wore masks of each other.

Then Amber shows up and she pulls off that mask to reveal this guy wearing glasses. Mike's friend, District Attorney Barrington, is seduced by a very lovely woman at a party. Amanda Byrnes comes out of her dressing room but is spotted as an imposter and unmasks herself to reveal Penelope.

She begs him for help, but quickly reveals herself as a vampire and bites his neck. Realizing that Lucy will arise as a vampire, Van Helsing turns over Harker's journal to the grief-stricken Arthur to reveal the truth about Jonathan's death. The filming of Dracula's destruction included a shot in which Dracula appears to peel away his decaying skin. Suite de la parodie X du film de James Cameron. Italian horror film with a female killer who is unmasked at the end as Rosemary.

Films directed by Terence Fisher. In the first scene the models are seen wearing somewhat stiff face masks, scarves and sunglasses. Suddenly, the exit door is coming down and about to trap her inside. Searching the castle, he finds it deserted, though he comes across the portrait Harker had of his fiancee Lucy, with the photos now gone. Wearing it she looks like someone wearing a rubber mask with the eyeholes cut open too large.

Near the end of the film, Monique Mercure takes off her rubber suit revealing Roy Scheider inside. This should have a category of its own, being the virtual Mecca of mask appearances.

Kristi Myst

In the conclusion, the lead mercenary unmasks the enemy infiltrator. The broadcast finale had a shocking revelation when Valerie who had slept with a number of characters on the show pulled off her mask to reveal she was really Vincent! He pulls out the Sony Minidisc and asks her if she'd like to listen to it.

Dracula ( film)

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Its shock impact is, in fact, so great that it may well be considered as one of the best horror films ever made. At the end there are a couple of unmaskings, one a man peels off the mask of another man the prissy male flight attendant.

When he arrives at the castle a hearse carriage speeds by with a coffin in it, nearly hitting him. What's more, the bad girl sports a set of hypnotic fingernails that could literally knock your eyes out!

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Stylish Italian production about a killer stalking a fashion show. Some experts rightly note that there is still footage missing from the disintegration scene as evidenced by stills and the memories of those who had seen the sequence decades before. In the annual boys versus girls Day of Pranks, one of the boys wears a female mask to trick the girls into using glue sticks as lip gloss. At the end of the film, Dracula is destroyed on an inlaid Zodiac wheel on the floor, which has several quotes in Latin and Greek.

Dracula ( film)

She is unmasked by Jason and we discover in a scene that probably inspired Mike Meyers years later, She's a man, baby! When he answers the door and sees his real mother, the fake unmasks herself as a black woman. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An innkeeper's daughter gives him Harker's journal. Chinese fantasy movie based on a classic tale has a demon taking off her female human disguise.

In the original movie Freddy Krueger masquerades as Tina Gray in a dream sequence. Villainess Patricia Hodge takes off her mask as a cleaning lady on camera. During a fight later in the episode, the Tammy fembot Melinda Fee loses her face mask, and puts it back on. An entire town is replaced by disguised aliens. Rollie's actress friend is fitted with prosthetics and a wig to impersonate a dead woman, and later unmasked.

Buffy's new college roommate is a demon, zip folder full version something Buffy discovers when she pulls her face off not a very good look at the mask however. Myst's best known films include the Buffy the Vampire Layer series of horror parodies.

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Produit par Zero Tolerance. Short-lived Robert Conrad action series featured an episode with a male assassin who was a master of disguise. This film is based on one of The Flemish Tales by Pieter van Weigan, and the scene in which the doctor fits a mask to the face of one of his victims is both titillating and haunting. Near the end, she knocks out a real female Visitor with its true reptilian face exposed, then puts the mask of her own face over the body to fool the other Visitors.

Lucy sets to attack him but Van Helsing manages to ward her off with a cross and forces her to flee back to her crypt. He is wearing a mask and the woman asks him to take it off. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. British Board of Film Classification. Anatomy aka Anatomie - original German title.