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Free body diagram, Eqilibrium equations and applications. Manufacturing Process by Raghuvanshi. Sampath was made into a Hindi film of the same name with Padmini and Motilal and produced by Gemini Studios.

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Overview of Computer organization and historical perspective computer applications in various fields of science and management. Properties and applications of electrical conducting, semiconducting, insulating and magnetic materials.

The possibilities are endless with these languages, which is why ventures of all shapes and sizes employ them due to its scalability and viability. The thinness of the book is deceptive. Rectilinear motion, plane curvilinear motion-rectangular coordinates, normal and tangential component. Obtaining true shape of the plane figure by projection.

10 Best C and C Books (Recommended by the Programming Community)

The book and its previous editions has been selected by thousands around the globe and trusted as a valuable resource for both beginner and experienced programmers. Numericals based on above topics. Interpretation and use of charts, graphs and tables in technical writing. Plane truss, perfect and imperfect truss, assumption in the truss analysis, analysis of perfect plane trusses by the method of joints, method of section.

Write a program to cipher a string. Gives you a real grasp of implementing algorithms in C. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt.

There is more in there than you think. While Narayan's early works were not commercial successes, other authors of the time began to notice him. Concept of variables, program statements and function calls from the library Printf for example. Whom next shall I meet in Malgudi?

Which book should I purchase to study C language? Starting and Speed Control of a D.

The book has been restructured for quicker and effective learning by providing the reader ample examples to put their skills to test. Defining C structures, passing strings as arguments Programming examples.

Brief survey of methods of power generation. Practical Based on Elective. To determine the mechanical advantage, Velocity ratio and Mechanical efficiency of the Wheel and Axle. In a typical afternoon stroll, he would stop every few steps to greet and converse with shopkeepers and others, most likely gathering material for his next book.

Narayan won numerous awards during the course of his literary career. There are so many programming languages and their different uses and approaches. Dual converters, Regulated D. King is an approachable and well-written book which covers the basic and advanced concepts of the C language to help beginners and intermediate programmers alike. Bhatt Charotar Publications.

10 Best C and C Books (Recommended by the Programming Community)


Very good introductory stuff. Many great books for C programming language are covered in this blog post. Narayan's writing style was often compared to that of William Faulkner since both their works brought out the humour and energy of ordinary life while displaying compassionate humanism. The work was published as part of a larger government publication in the late s. Although this isn't a book as such, every experienced C programmer should read and implement as much of it as possible.

Yashavant Kanetkar

Transformer construction and practical considerations. After being persuaded by a friend that taking a master's degree M. Application of Power Electronics to Power Systems. Advanced Computer Networks. An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering.

The C Programming language is being chosen mainly because of the availability of the compilers, psychology books in hindi books and other reference materials. If you have enough time then you may go for the books otherwise video tutorials are very good to learn any language.

Also, this depends on the time you have for learning. Verification of Superposition theorem. Automatic weighing system, Carbon dioxide controller for a carburizing furnace, Control of relative humidity in a textile moisterning process and warehouse, Induction Heating, Dielectric Heating. Most of these don't look to be on the main site anymore, and you can't browse that by subject anyway.

Not to be confused with K. Write a recursive program for tower of Hanoi problem.

Introduction, model reference adaptive control systems, controller structure, self-tuning regulators, various adaptive control systems, Fuzzy logic and its applications. To verify the law of Force Polygon. Not ideal, but it is worth intermediate programmers practicing problems written in this book. Write a program to find divisor or factorial of a given number.

Yashavant Kanetkar

Huffman code, Lempel-ziv code. And any debate about whether the mentioned flag is offensive or not should not be here either.