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Hide the bodies from the patrol and bring the Sapper and Driver out while the other Commandos hide in the weapons store. As they are walking away, run up behind them and knife the rear soldier.

The best plan is to first eliminate the center soldier. Kill both of the soldiers in the compound silently and then load all of the Commandos aboard the truck, except for the Sapper. This will put them away from the escape route when the explosives go off.

He can also carry a machine-gun during some missions. Remember to save a grenade for the final phase. Clever strategy has never been so furiously action-packed. While watching the patrol, kill all of the soldiers in the northern part of the map near the rails and in the snowy area. Destroy the communications control building, the antenna, the weapons store, the command post and the bunker.

Most of them can be taken out one at a time. When all has calmed down, get everyone aboard the truck and escape out the western gate.

Order the Green Beret to take out the guard in the southwest when he is walking away. The Sniper should shoot from a position south of the base wall and through the gap between the two tank sheds. The spy must kill the soldier at the top station.

You do not want to have to start a mission over from the beginning because you made a minor mistake which got one of your men killed. Computer Games Strategy Plus. There is a patrol boat that motors up and down the river, so you must be sure all of your men are hidden as it sails past. Climb back down and make your way back into the bombed-out building via the ladder on the east side. The Sapper must plant the last explosive next to the cannon.

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Commando Behind Enemy Lines Game

As the bridge soldier runs past the Sniper, shoot him with the pistol. Before making a kill, be sure no one else can see you during the action. You must kill the soldier outside the wall and place the decoy outside the southern corner. Also, save the game after every phase and quick save after every kill. The Spy must then kill the soldier at the top of the map while the patrol is headed south, then quickly run after the patrol and distract them so they continue looking south, just past the barracks.

Hide all of the Commandos, except for the Spy, in the buildings near the truck. When the patrol between the two walls is walking away, sneak all of your Commandos, except the Driver, primavera trial version inside to hide behind the building in the north.

This will destroy the barracks and kill the patrol at the same time. You must use the Spy to distract soldiers while the Green Beret kills others in order to clear out the entire power station and get the two sets of explosives. At the top, the Spy distracts the patrol while the Green Beret hides in the snow. The end result of fusing these elements together proved a killer combination for Commandos. Head back down in the cable car and pick up the Green Beret.

The enemy soldiers roam around the maps, control specific areas and follow patrol lines. Send them behind enemy lines on a series of hazardous missions, and bring them back alive. This guide includes a brief strategy for each of the twenty missions with key tactics described.

Send the Sapper towards the building northwest of your starting position. Now the Sniper must shoot the soldier standing by the wall, next to the road, south of the gun on the plateau.

Then kill the machine-gunner with the pistol as well. Rescue the downed pilot named Captain George McRae, destroy the weapons store, and blow up the two Ju Stuka dive-bombers. In addition, the gameplay of the main game was improved with a few new features.

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Kill the soldier near your starting position, then the one in the western corner of the building by scaling the wall. Then row the Sapper to the base of the dam and place the second set of explosives.

While the Sapper moves between the two tank sheds in the west, the Driver waits behind the wall near the vacant tank in the south. If an enemy detects something suspicious, such as seeing footprints or dead bodies, or hearing gunshots and other unusual noises, they will immediately investigate what the cause is. In addition to foot soldiers, some missions also include enemy tanks and armored cars operating in the area. Most missions require you to kill the enemy in a certain order to avoid being discovered. Behind Enemy Lines Cover art.

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The game is more a stealth than an action game, and careful planning is usually the best way to succeed. Get the driver out and blow it up with a grenade. Luckily, your Spy saved the German uniform from his last mission. Then give lethal injections to the two other soldiers who are just standing.

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He can also move bodies and his decoy distracts enemies. Bring the rest of the team to wait in this camp for now. The Green Beret, along with the Sapper and his trap, can then clear out the remaining soldiers in the southeast. They can see the Green Beret in the cable car and will begin shooting. Then the Marine must move quickly to knife one and then shoot the other with the spear gun.

When the patrol of three soldiers is not looking, have the Green Beret move an explosive barrel around to the northwestern corner of the building and place it near the path of the patrol. The Driver should move the truck over by the gate. Once all is set, the Sapper must place one explosive next to the fuel tanks and the other in the eastern corner where it will take out the barracks on the other side of the wall. Place the trap in the center of the eastern gate to reduce the outside patrol when it enters the base.

Before you set your explosives, you must first clear a path for your escape. With the barracks destroyed, you can use pistols if necessary. There are three soldiers on the west side of the river.