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He realizes the clue in the cryptex didn't point to Rosslyn but to the Rose Line in Paris. The number of attacks varies and depends on the strength of your enemy.

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Shockwave has games for everyone! The game was released on the same day the film of the same name opened in theaters, but is based directly on the novel by Dan Brown rather than the film. Other puzzles in the game are amazingly transparent. It weaves an interesting tale of conspiracy and corruption, but the gameplay simply doesn't back it up.

Orange markings in the text indicate various objects, items, and places. Check out our photo essay and video tour! You will come out of this game feeling and sounding smarter. Looking for more Dress up games?

For those who are familiar with Brown's work, an open mind, patience and a love of puzzles may offer a surprisingly satisfying experience. If this is true, they either cheated or were playing a different version then what we have. Latest on The Da Vinci Code. He obtained a first-class honors degree in History before moving on to Cambridge University to complete his PhD.

You then have the option to manipulate your environment by opening drawers, taking objects, or further inspecting articles that you are viewing. Film Soundtrack Video game WebQuests.

Sony also stated, however, that the game was based on the book, not the film. Appropriately perhaps, the game is in the basic form of a classic mystery adventure, compete with clickable crime scenes and tricky inventory puzzles. Most Recent Forum Activity. Copy and paste the code below to embed. Not a bad after effect for playing a video game.

The game's poor presentation and frustrating combat system make the mystery behind The Da Vinci Code one that most gamers would be better off leaving unsolved. The Da Vinci Code First Look We get a quick look at the upcoming game based on the movie based on the blockbuster novel.

Da Vinci Code The Download (2006 Puzzle Game)

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This tie-in game attempts to translate the successful movie and book into a successful video game. It took several minutes until he could wiggle out of his corner of entrapment.

Put on your gaming hats as we delve into the catacombs of the Da Vinci Code video game and reveal the findings. Many of the cipher codes have historical connections. Announced a month before the main game was a two-part mobile phone adaptation of the novel, oppen office developed by Kayak Interactive.

Non video-game publications also gave the game a poor reception. We get an eyewitness look at the video game version of Dan Brown's mega-bestselling novel. Part of the Addicting Games network.

The Da Vinci Code

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Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games. The protagonists then find themselves in an adventure full of mystery, secret societies, danger and a quest for the Holy Grail. The game starts off with a bang, literally, as the prominent curator of the Louvre is gunned down in cold blood by a mysterious cowl-cladded monk. Things which are of particular merit will glow white. Online version requires Internet Explorer.

We get a quick look at the upcoming game based on the movie based on the blockbuster novel. If your review isn't R-rated, it will be posted shortly. Players guide lead characters Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu to uncover secrets and speculations as old as Christianity itself.

The game menu provides a synopsis on various period art, historical references, items and people. Taking great risks, we decided to share this tome of knowledge with out readers. He asks Langdon and Neveu to join him in revealing the truth about Mary Magdalene, but they refuse and Langdon destroys the cryptex. Neveu's grandmother then arrives, explaining the family changed its name for protection. For instance, in an example of fighting mode, you may see the button symbols x, triangle, circle, and square.

You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Both modes are identical insofar as the player must enter a sequence of button presses before the timer runs out. If the player successfully hits the enemy, the game enters attack mode. She evades both Silas and the police, and follows a series of clues to find a key with the address of the Depository Bank of Zurich.

Melee combat is split into two phases. There, they find a family tree for the Saint-Clair family, running back to the Merovingian dynasty.

The Da Vinci Code - Free Downloadable Games and Free Puzzle Games from

Following the clue contained within, he and Neveu head to Rosslyn Chapel. Players control both Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. If the player misses and is instead attacked themselves, the game enters defense mode. This figure will go up exponentially as you bang your head against the wall in solving some of the more difficult puzzles of this title. Shockwave adds games frequently so there are always new games available.

As such, Teabing determined to reveal the documents himself. Langdon can also pick up various objects with which to fight. As such, the characters in the game do not resemble nor sound like their filmic counterparts. If you are dominant in the grapple, you will have the option to defend, attack or run.