Dating first weekend away

Dating first weekend away

Have a conversationBe honest and decide what is

This will demonstrate your willingness to put your girlfriend or boyfriend first. The point of the getaway is to connect with one another and avoid staring at your screen.

By planning ahead

If you are road-tripping it to your locale, check up on the traffic laws to avoid an unwelcome surprise in the form of a ticket. Use the getaway to try something new, like zip-lining, wine tasting or a movie marathon in your room. Be honest and decide what is affordable for your individual budgets. Have a conversation with your other half about what he or she wants in an accommodation. By planning ahead, you hope to squeeze in plenty of play and romance.

Then stick to a game plan

Then stick to a game plan on traveling, hotel and restaurant costs. Make a travel budget with your boyfriend or girlfriend prior to booking hotels and other miscellaneous expenses. Keep an open mind and don't let the stress of planning every minute take over your getaway time. Scope out activities around the locale you are visiting and indulge in some champagne in your bedroom, a late-night stroll around a scenic route or enjoy breakfast in bed. Discuss a Budget Talking finances is sometimes a difficult subject to breach between new couples, but a conversation about who is paying for what will eliminate guesswork and hurt feelings.

Use the getaway to

Research restaurants to visit and determine if reservations are required. Putting in some thought into your first getaway is the best way to start your vacation on the right foot. If you need to make an important call for work, ask your girlfriend or boyfriend if it is acceptable to step away for a few minutes to have your conversation. Compose a list of places you want to go and then brainstorm the locations you both would enjoy together. Some destinations prohibit talking on the cell phone while driving, so know your info before you go.

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