What To Do When Dating Is Overwhelming

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Try to view it as a skill that can be honed and perfected. By sharing your feelings with them, you will release some of your stress, not have to carry around the burden of your secret, and take comfort from their support. Or, if you need to back it up a bit, see if there is a way to prepare for your first phone conversation with a prospective shidduch, if you know in advance when he is supposed to call. Many things we have to do in life are hard.

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New beginnings are often scary, especially for someone like you, who considers herself to be on the shy side to begin with. But for your first few dates, you should take advantage of whatever tools are available to help you feel prepared and capable. And as far as I know, neither has a nervous stomach. Eventually you will want to toss out the script and just be yourself. With time, you will prove to yourself that you can handle the situation and even feel satisfied with your behavior.

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Each time we challenge and force ourselves to rise above what is difficult, we are also growing in wonderful ways. Even individuals whom you may perceive as being extremely confident and outgoing often struggle with first dates. You might want to discuss this with friends who have been dating already.

Thirdly, there are some practical activities that you may find helpful. But I can assure you that, with time, it will get easier. The time has finally come for me to begin this course of action. The plan was that I would start dating after Pesach. Uneasiness never killed anyone.

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Like any new undertaking, dating gets easier with time. Think of and write down a list of great questions that you can ask while on the phone and on a date. My first suggestion would be to be honest with your parents.