Eun hyuk and iu dating

Eun hyuk and iu dating

He wants the girl to be shy. Though together they were seen in a press meeting.

Really she was disappointed by her attitude. They were not in touch again for a long time. He hosted with bandmates Leeteuk and Shindong for two years and four months. Some Fans said that they had love at first sight. He also said that the girl must have some glamour that will appeal him.

Their first debut was withheld due to some reasons. As EunHae Shippers we were surely very shocked when this photo was posted as the scandal invaded the internet, and our social networks in less than a few hours. Though it was a sensitive issue on that time, but Eunhyuk underestimated that matter with his fans support. Apart from dating in a recent interview he had shared his ideal situation for love propose. His fans supports his relationship with Kim hyo-yeon.

Sometime Eunhyuk seemed to be easily lied. When the rumor spread regarding their marriage, fans said their decision is perfect. Plus, it was from August, she surely took other photos between that time and november. Requested the fans not to overact on the gossips which was spreading at that time. This news was fully false.

She too had a career to be a singer belonging to five members crew. And what is the use to take a photo after having sex, I mean if they had have sex, then they would be on the bed or something and naked, she wouldn't have taken the pic with her pajamas on. That means that ideal girl must be cute. Share Lee Hyuk-jae is better known by the stage name of Eunhyuk.

So her name was not known to anyone in that field. She was not famous during this period of time. She is a Canadian song writer, singer But an an actress based on South Korea. Now of course, the scandal is considered as past, and she keeps on doing activities but with her new image of mature women and not of a innocent cute girl. By this way he can exhibit his trust to her.

He hosted with bandmates Leeteuk

The couple broke up because of a single incident. Plus everyone know now that the photo was taken on her sofa and not on her bed so no proof that they did have sex and we really don't think they had, but that is subjective.

Really she was disappointed by herThey were not in touch again

She too went to states to develop her career. However, plans changed and the company declared a halt in forming future Super Junior generations.