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Ghazal mimi khalvati analysis relationships dating, ghazal by Mimi Khalvati

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The poet expresses her feelings in metaphor and makes the poem universal. They help in expressing an unrequited love, which could either be toward God or the loved one. She says no matter where and when you die, just leave your ghost for my shake, my love, and renew me every night.

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Similar type of love has been revealed by Khalvati in her poem, Ghazal. While there are many positive ideas in the poem, the feeling of love and longing suggested by poet in Ghazal are negative. Ghazal Analysis If I am the grass and you the breeze, filipino cupid dating singles and personals search blow through me.

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Language Used From the language point of view, the poet has used a lot of natural imagery and metaphors to explore her love and relationship with her lover. Here the poet says that though our relationship and love is intense, but it is hard to reach.

Lines Through these lines, the poet expresses her wishes, saying if I were an old bark, but still a fresh leaf, you should have been a dew to wet me and made me fresh as leaf. Lines Through these lines, we come to know the craving of the poet to reach her beloved. She in fact classifies her work as modern British poetry. The poem is a blend of things that naturally go together.

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It is sometimes submissive and at times overpowering. If I spit venom through my tongue, become a charmer, and use your charm to spellbind me so that I can be subdued and satisfied.

Besides, the lines also suggest that if her beloved dies for her, they may be able to live and love again, and get renewed every time through their physical intimacy. She is very open about love, and simply makes demands from her lover by commanding that if I am the grass and you are the breeze, just blow through me. Moreover, there are several stages that the poet describes to reach the conclusion, such as the use of turn to volta toward the end as is normally found in a sonnet. In all, love is fair in every condition.

She says we may be separated by dying in different directions, but that separation must not affect our love. Though these lines show strong love between the poet and her beloved, it is not a strong sense of self. Perhaps she is not as infatuated as he is. The poem is shaped in couplets and produces images in pairs. All through the poem, she has described her lover greater than her, exploiting hyperbolic and exaggerated ideas.

This type of love is unconditional. Traditionally, couplets or sonnets are used in a poem to express love and longing. If I am the rose and you the bird, then woo me.

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No matter whether he gives all himself to her or not she will still give herself to him twice. These two last lines of the poem are very contradictory. This is pure romance filled with courtly love.

Ghazal by Mimi Khalvati

Plus, a large number of her works has been translated into nine languages. But still, this is one of those poems, which brings to light many different aspects of love.

Lines Through these lines, we come to know that the lover poet wants to be subdued by any means. Will you be hawk to my shadow, moth my flame and pursue me to get united. She says use every possible magic and charm to win me, satisfy me and get me.

She wishes attention from him and wants to be watered regularly so that she can be fresh and wet in her love. She actually gives a tribute to their contribution to the world of poetry, and expects her beloved, when they are separated, to guide her like Shamsuddin to my Rumi. The distinct images reveal more of the pain than the pleasure of love. The couplets or sonnets are often part of a larger collection or sequence of poems. Lines These are the lines where the poet describes love as destructive, violent, dangerous, dark, dominant, strength, passionate, painful and private.