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People like to see different options, and they change their minds all the time. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The edges and faces are simply part of a special component group. In the following figure, you see a basic building with two instances of a dynamic door component.

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For each component you want to add to your collection, save it as an. To create a subfolder for the collection, click the Make New Folder button and create the folder. However, you can scale, rotate, and flip a whole component without changing the other instances.

3D Model Collection

3D Model Collection

Editing components explains how to edit component entities or the component as a whole. See Moving Entities Around for more about moving entities with the Move tool. Dynamic components have even more capabilities than regular components. SketchUp components enable you to reuse objects. However, you most likely want to use the Search box at the top.

In the secondary selection pane, navigate to a component that you want to add to your collection and drag it into the blank collection. This dynamic component also has configurable values. From the opening screen, you can browse the featured models, featured manufacturer catalogs, featured collections, and recent models.

You can edit properties of a component, such as whether it cuts a hole in a face, or set variables for a dynamic component. Type a search term and click the Search button. When you click the door with the Interact tool cursor, the door opens, as shown in the following figure. Windows was no longer supported. Wikimedia Commons has media related to SketchUp.

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In the Browse for Folder Select Folder dialog box that appears, navigate to the folder where you want to save your collection. To quickly update your local version of the component, context-click the component in your model, and select Reload from the context menu that appears.

You find these collections by clicking the down arrow next to the In Model icon, as shown in the following figure. Change the double panel into a single panel, and all the doors in your model have a single panel, too.

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SketchUp Free, the web-based version, does not support extensions which severely limits the functionality of the tool. You then return to SketchUp, images from website where the Move cursor is loaded with the component.

It also has user friendly buttons to make it easier to use. To see your In Model collection, click the In Model icon. Click the Details arrow and select Create a New Collection. All this business about the definition and instances is important, because when you edit entities within a component instance, you edit the definition, too.

If you have a SketchUp model saved to your hard drive, you can import that model as a component in another model. If your model is geolocated, the Components panel enables you to search for nearby models. If you use certain components all the time, create a My Favorite Components collection. By creating your own collections, you can organize components in whatever way makes sense to you.

Start with the most specific search term. Because these advanced tasks are closely related to creating components, you find out how to work with these properties in Developing Your Own Components or Dynamic Components. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Getting started with components

Click in the drawing area to place the component in your model. Click the Download button in the upper right to download the component into your model.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Simply click to place the component in your model. When you context-click a component in this collection, you see commands not available in other collections, such as Select Instances, Reload, and more. Premade components are most often inserted from the Components panel into a model.

Then click a rotation handle and rotate the component. For example, pretty much every building has at least one door and window.

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Instead of modeling these common objects, you can insert a component that someone else has already made. If the blank folder doesn't appear, click the In Model drop-down arrow and select the collection that matches your folder from the menu.

Search for components in the search box. In the sections that follow, you find detailed steps that walk you through the basics of inserting and working with components and dynamic components.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. After you have a few collections, you can add them to a list of favorite collections that always appears on the In Model drop-down menu. SketchUp Viewer is a paid app released by Trimble.