Kayamath Title Song

Kayamath - Title Song Lyrical Video

Kayamath emphasizes how relationships change over the course of time, with the concept of everlasting love as the underlying theme of the show. Milind uses Prachi to make Ayesha jealous, but when he's alone with Prachi he mistreats and humiliates her. She finds out that he left with a social worker named Sushmita Chatterjee. Prachi begs Ayesha not to do so, mitra by shazia manzoor mp3 but the spirit is adamant.

Things turn ugly between Prachi and Milind's families when Alaap humiliates Sukriti and dumps her after a one-night stand. Prachi comes to know about Sukriti and Alaap's illegitimate son, Ritvik, whom Sukriti has kept a secret. Prachi sees Milind but hides from him as she is in a dilemma about which to choose between her love Milind and her responsibility to the Dasguptas.

They have learn't to stand up for themselves and know how to deal with challenging situations. The nurse from the hospital calls Prachi up and says that the man who donated blood to Sumonto is at the hospital and wants his locket back. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Meanwhile, Prachi's brother Alaap starts a relationship with Milind's sister Sukriti.

Kayamath Title Song by KMH-4

She keeps getting a feeling that something is wrong with Prachi. Current broadcasts on StarPlus. He will help her find out who killed her father if she agrees to get into a marriage of convenience with him. Eventually, Prachi and Ayesha meet and become close friends within a short time.

However, he is shattered when he finds out that Ayesha has married Neev. Milind and Prachi reunite and return to the Shah house with Sumonto. Alaap feels jealous because of Sukriti and Raghav's close friendship. Amrita became mentally unstable out of misery.

Kayamath - Title Song Lyrical Video

She also implies that Prachi is cheating on him with Neev. By the time Milind arrives to pick up Prachi, Ayesha's ghost has entered her body. Pranay gets sentenced in the court, while Milind and Prachi live happily. He goes to the creditors and asks for some time. In the meanwhile, Milind is released.

They find Prachi's belongings and assume she's dead. His appearance is extremely shaggy and unkempt. He confronts her, declaring his love while she apologizes.

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This infuriates Milind and he takes the matter to court. Prachi fails to arrange blood for Sumonto. Ayesha's first target in the family is Prachi's grandmother, who is nearly killed.

Kayamath title song

Milind drives off to the station where Prachi's train is supposed to arrive. Prachi rushes there but misses him. Meanwhile, Proteek has an accident on his way from Bhuvaneshwar to Kolkata. Ayesha's spirit is ruining Prachi's life. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Milind takes her out to Shimla on a holiday. Sumonto falls from the terrace and hurts himself badly. This causes him to have partial amnesia, where he doesn't remember his life beyond his return from Turkey.

Veere Di Wedding Laila Majnu. Meanwhile, Bua figures out that someone is hypnotizing Prachi, causing the odd behaviour.

Prachi, with Ayesha's ghost inside her, behaves suspiciously. Sukriti decides to kill herself because of everything that has happened, but she is saved by her friend Raghav.

Prachi accepted his offer seeing as she had nowhere else to go. When she reaches the hospital, Proteek tells her that a stranger has donated blood to Sumonto. During his stay, Milind begins to bond with Sumonto.

After he comes face to face with Prachi, she explains why she's living with the Dasguptas and that Sumonto is his son. Soon, Ayesha blackmails Neev into marrying her. Their father Inder once had an extramarital affair with Amrita Ayesha's mother while he was married to Premlata Prachi's mother. This article has multiple issues. Sumonto, being his usual naughty self, is chased by Tanushree Dasgupta, Proteek's elder sister-in-law.