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An electrical short circuit caused the cargo door to open, creating the explosive decompression. The plane then ran out of fuel causing it to crash in Long Island near New York. Only four passengers survived. The flight later landed safely at Honolulu without any more loss of life.

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Faulty cargo door, explosive decompression. In-flight fire, faulty wiring.

The Hostage rescue team of the French Gendarmerie stormed the aircraft and after a gun battle in the cabin the hijackers were killed and everyone else was evacuated. They initiated a go-around, but were mishandled back into a holding pattern by air traffic controllers unaware of the low-fuel situation. The crew was asked if they would like to do a straight-in approach to Cali. In preparation for an emergency landing the crew descended the aircraft, but relying on false readings the crew went too far causing the aircraft to crash into the water, killing everyone on board.

The aircraft was then cleared to take off but the crew diverted to Marseille Provence Airport. Instead, over two days they killed three passengers.

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Faulty maintenance, Metal fatigue in the propeller. The fire was caused by faulty wiring. The stabilizer failed due to an improperly maintained jack-screw assembly. The blow out was caused by a maintenance worker installing the incorrect sized screws during maintenance work. The fuel starvation was caused by improper maintenance work which allowed a hydraulic oil pipe and a fuel pipe to rub together resulting in the fracture of the fuel pipe and resulting leak.

The crash was caused by the crew not arming the spoilers during their pre-landing checks. The air traffic controller was later murdered by the father of one of the families onboard the passenger plane. Faulty maintenance, horizontal stabilizer trim failure. The pilots of the Airbus safely glided and landed the aircraft at a naval base in the island of Azores.