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Our countdown of the top ten most fascinating jobs from our archives proves how daring and innovative the American worker can be. More of the eats Ice impacts our everyday life including weather phenomena like ice storms caused by freezing rain and hail. The program focuses on how technologies affect and are used in modern society.

History original programming. Cheese reveals how this amazing commodity whether sliced from a pungent, moldy block, or sprayed from a can is made. Rush hour in Minnesota turns deadly, as a bridge plunges into the Mississippi River. It's America's favorite flavor.

Engineering Disasters presents the tragic, yet invaluable, handmaidens of technological progress. Dissecting actual footage of disasters and what engineers can change to help prepare the world for these types of hardships.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It changed the way the world eats and revolutionized the food industry. Also featured are ice rinks, bobsled tracks, ice factories and ice sculptures. Audible Download Audio Books. Aluminum we'll stretch it, pound it, melt it, and even make a foam from it.

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See how engineers turn the gases we breathe into ultra cool liquids and blistering cold solids. They're the meat in our sandwiches and slices of American pop culture. Create a profile to save your place. Be the first one to add a plot. Weapons of mass destruction, from the nuclear to the biological, are examined.

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Modern Marvels is currently available to watch free on History and stream on History Channel. At one time, it was more valuable than gold, kitne door kitne paas songs mp3 but now it helps define modern life. List of Modern Marvels episodes. You'll find out on this episode of Modern Marvels.

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What is the world's sharpest? Documentary television series about industry Documentary television series about science History U. They have the sharpest teeth known to man, but only bite on command. The documentary looks at how human ingenuity takes on our most daunting environmental crises, from global warming and deforestation to resource scarcity and nuclear waste. Some have used them to torture, others to cure.

It kills and injures thousands each year. From the equatorial fields, to the factories of moguls, and the kitchens of artisans.

Examining the evolution and technology of balls used in sports. Yet it's the most widely produced chemical in the world. Then we'll put it to the test. Soldiers, machines, and supplies are only effective if they arrive at the battlefield in time.

In this episode we'll explore the stunning ways that electric shocks occur - from lethal prison fences to the slippery shock of an Electric Eel. We'll craft one of these swords from scratch to reveal the secret of its legendary cutting ability.

Also included the state of the art grass used in the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, how a company moves big trees, and the science of different types of grasses. Cold Cuts will take you behind the deli counter to reveal the secret ingredients in boloney. Get Started Already have a profile? Beneath the blue Hawaiian sea we'll meet The Super Sucker, an underwater vacuum that saves coral reefs by suctioning up invasive alien algae. Building the Supersized Panama Canal.

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Construction of embankment dams and larger Hydroelectric dams such as Three Gorges, Hoover, and Grand Coulee are explored. Canning is the method of a preserving and packaging food, without which civilization would never have ventured beyond the local food supply.

We eat over three and a half billion pounds of it each year. They brought down the forests and built up the pyramids. They are all civilian inventions among the thousands derived from technologies used in space exploration. Webarchive template wayback links. Reruns of the series currently air on the digital broadcast network Quest.

These episodes are not narrated by Raphael. Don Cambou has acted as executive producer on over episodes for Actuality Productions, the production company behind the series. How about a story ice box filled with million pounds of ice cream? This documentary series takes a look at big construction projects that were pulled off by humans.

Dotting the Interstates, they're overlooked by some and longed for by others. Sweet, Connect to Amazon Prime! Without it one third of us would starve. It is said that the pig is as smart as a three-year-old human. But today, it is too small.

For severing through an enemy warrior, it's the Katana blade of the Samurai. Stream, Download, Buy, Rent. Deep Freeze takes the technology of cold to the extreme.