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Movies about teenage dating violence, using Film to Address Teen Dating Violence

You know how teenagers are. Cummings said he had a deep-seated insecurity as a teenager during a three-year relationship. But as in most cases of teen dating violence, it didn't get better. Teen Dating Violence Prevention Infographic The infographic highlights the importance of healthy relationships throughout life.

Why does teen dating violence happen? What are the consequences of teen dating violence? Domestic abuse Domestic violence Teen dating violence is widespread with serious long-term and short-term effects. Unfortunately, in the case of Marcus McTear, his uncontrollable violence left Ortralla dead and Rae Anne emotionally scarred.

Using films made by and for teens is a good way to develop rapport and raise and honor the voices of youth. At first, Rae Anne seemed happy.

Just days after they split up, Rae Anne says Marcus wrote a heartfelt letter to her, begging for another chance. Here is a collection of resources that do just that! That's Not Cool addresses ways teens can work against dating abuse in their everyday actions. He realized he needed help and got counseling with the support of his family.

National Center for Victims of Crime is the nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims. Students and teachers heard screaming and came running. But Rae Anne's mother, Elaine, soon noticed her bubbly daughter was becoming withdrawn and less confident.

Teen Dating Violence

Teens receive messages about how to behave in relationships from peers, adults, and the media. Ortralla's English teacher, Vanessa Connor, matchmaking north carolina recalls that Ortralla seemed particularly distressed about Marcus. Rae Anne said everything about Marcus appealed to her. And I'm going to talk about this as much as I can. Rae Anne told her mom about the incident.

Cummings says he is grateful that his relationship never descended as far as Marcus and Ortralla's did. Amid the chaos, Connor knelt down on the bloody floor to provide comfort to the dying girl. He had his life organized to where he thought he was on the right road.

He even took out his frustrations on his bedroom walls. Here you'll see the positive reaction of one mother to a devastating event. She said she keeps a picture of Ortralla above her bed. All it knows is that when I punch through something, I feel better. She was a cheerleader and her athletic boyfriend poured on the affection with flowers, love notes and constant adoration.

Cummings says violence somehow made him feel powerful and in control. How did a boy with such pent-up rage escape the attention of parents and adults?

He made a good impression. Moments later, Ortralla was dead. And make sure it doesn't happen again.

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Violence Preventtion

There was a lot she didn't know. On another occasion, she says, he set her backpack on fire. Despite feeling isolated and alone, Rae Anne somehow found a moment of confidence and broke up with Marcus. He pleaded guilty and is now serving a year sentence.

All too often these examples suggest that violence in a relationship is normal, but violence is never acceptable. Each film also includes a lesson plan.

Find various ways to share the infographic with partners. Violence is related to certain risk factors. Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. But things weren't all right. And there's a reason why I'm still here.

She gave him another chance, she said, hoping the relationship would get better. Marcus was Rae Anne's first boyfriend, and she said she didn't know if this was unusual behavior.

Marcus even said he'd commit suicide if she left him, Rae Anne said. Marcus was arrested and charged with murder. The breaking point came one day in drama class. The story was so powerful we wanted to air it again with updates. Unhealthy, abusive, or violent relationships can have short- and long-term negative effects on a developing teen.

As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by experiences in their relationships. As it turns out, Marcus had a history of teen dating violence a few years before, when he was dating an eighth-grade classmate named Rae Anne Spence.

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One time, Rae Anne says Marcus bit her cheek. Potential for Abuse Doesn't End With Breakup Murray says ending a relationship doesn't mean the danger of abuse is gone. When working with teens we can use films to help raise awareness, share information, and start conversations. She says felt it was the only way to get her daughter away from Marcus.

All communication is confidential and anonymous. Rae Anne says other students saw the violence but blamed her for the trouble, not the star athlete. When his girlfriend cried, he said, the violence would escalate. Despite the physical abuse, Rae Anne says she wasn't able to end her relationship with Marcus.

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