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Give everyone in the car a change of pace that they otherwise would not get. Notify me of new posts by email. The random order of presentation encourages knowledge of the tables without articfical reliance on order of presentation. That is actually in the works, and we hope to have a download of audio files available soon.

There are lots of these available on Internet - try multiplication. Fill in your times tables answers in sequence and check if you got them all right.

The multiplication tables are all committed to memory now, and it happened very naturally. That would be a great take home for students! Turn the facts into a game and they will be better prepared for Alg I and on up. Over One Hour There's over one hour of multiplication tables question and answer on this compact disc. Then whatever you want to multiply by, put that finger down.

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And also keep in mind that too much hearing may lead to hearing problems. It only took about a week and they had Aced it! Re-enforce the information by playing multiplication games. If you make a mistake, you came see what the right answer is at the end of the test.

The table will be read to you and then read again in a different order. It can even be played as you go off to sleep at night.

Warning - If you use headphones avoid the use of inside ear versions. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. Hence the name, Complete Multiplication Tables.

This is a great technique since all it really is is memorization. Do you happen to have a printout of each song? Drag the correct answers to the questions. Practice your time tables online Multiplication tables are important and there are not many places where you can learn them quickly and easily, so we have come up with Timestables. An email to confirm is heading to your in box right now.

We tried every trick and tip I knew of and even the ones I had never heard of. Learn your multiplication tables At Timestables. You'll find you know your tables better than you think you do. Related Links Get the files free! She ate up every word that man said, so when he taught her to skip count to some familiar tunes she came home singing her math just for fun.

You can count it on your hands. The arithmetic problems are clear and simple so you can immediately get started on practicing your tables.

Which one best describes you now

We get the obvious sight words and spelling lists. On the multiplication games page we now have an answer-dragging game and a table balloons game. Happy listening and happy learning. The speed test is good practice for getting your tables diploma.

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Which one best describes you now

For greatest effect use the sleep method with short sessions of conscious learning. The recording is very low key and will encourage you to relax due to the slow pacing. Set the volume fairly low but loud enough so that you can make it out. You can't help but know your tables better if you play this recording night after night as you go off to sleep.

Select one of the multiplication table you wish to practice from the list below and show what you can do on the speed test or printout great worksheets. There's also a great arcade style game available at Bigbrainz which is available for free download which we can't recommend more highly.

Repeat the process the next night. Choose the table you want to practice from the following. Click on one of the tables to get started right away. In short, this is a very pleasant way to learn the tables.

The concept behind this post is very simple. You don't see them as tables, but as part of bigger mathematical problems. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Then use this recording to help put math behind you so that you can focus on your art. Reason - I no longer live anywhere near a post office and can't guarentee to mail this to you within a reasonable time.

After listening to this recording several times, games for mac os x 10.7 lion you will find yourself gaining comfort and ease with the multiplication tables. There's over one hour of multiplication tables question and answer on this compact disc. You can also practice the tables interactively with the free multiplication games.

The rhythm of the recording encourages you the listener to try to answer the question before it is given. We are posting the tables in audio format because It has been known for years that our brains can continue to take in and learn new information even while we are asleep. Use it to help you go to sleep. Multiple choice questions will help you to improve by looking at the questions in a different way.


Know your tables so well that you never have to worry about them again in your lifetime. After I did that there were very few tables left to remember. The game element in the times tables games make it even more fun learn. We are almost certain that you will find it worth a few minutes of your time!

Want to share anything with us? Hi Jeanette, I have wondered if it would affect their speed, because they are going through the sequence to get to the answer. We sing the alphabet to remember it. Then I stumbled across your pin and praise the lord. Do you have the sheets posted anywhere that are in the videos?

Which multiplication table do you want to learnComplete Multiplication Tables Audio Learning CD