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The best ways to sell or trade in your old iPhone. It will then give you a choice of Cutter, Join, Tag editor and About. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It was the first phone that offered everything you would need in one small and elegant package - that's what made it special.

Tap-to-pay cards are coming on strong. If you are there maybe a conflict, turn off any other Accel.

It seems twitter is getting more and more popular among journalists. It is being constantly improved and lets hope newer versions can iron out its small bugs. It is not technically a screensaver and has to be started from the application menu folder. Any ideas how I can use the apps after I've exited? In fact there are lots of them these days.

Did you install the python first? Also Check if you have the latest version. They are not intended to replace the traditional clock or battery indicator. However, I was wondering, Can you please tell me what's wrong with my phone?

My friend has that Nokia phone which has the tempered glass and when he used the slide it would play a waterdrop sound but he wouldn't tell me how to do it! From this point, I would continue to stick with Windows Mobile devices, upgrading whenever something new and worthwhile would arrive. If you'd like a media-oriented phone, this is a pretty good one, no more, no less.

Yes, back in the day, Nokia had physical retail store locations across the globe. It was ten years ago that Nokia brought me back into its fold by introducing, what would be at the time, msn er the most advanced handset in the world. Nokia has released a step counter application to demonstrate this.

So I did, and now its working. Its camera capabilities put it in competition with phones such as Sony Ericsson Ki. There is a new site called aikonlab.

Do you know any alarm app that can launch streaming links in internet radio? There have been various versions of the mobile app. No, create an account now. The application is still in development and you can contact Manu with suggestions for further additions to the speech list or any other ideas you may have. If I'm not horsing around and doing mostly calling and standby, I can easily go for most of a week without recharging.

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You can find other phones that do some other thing better, but not all at once. That new gallery thing really rocks. These all-in-one devices are completely lost on me honestly. It was first released in silver and later on in black, with limited edition quantities in gold and purple. Community Activity Refresh.

If its hardware then best take it to a Nokia repair centre. The battery life was fantastic. Newer Post Older Post Home. Hi, i am quite an old silent viewer of this excellent blog.

Does anyone own one of these? The search function is good and remembers previous searches. If you want usability and business-oriented usage, look elsewhere. If anything, it's when I use it to surf the web.

On the latter, as I said above, it certainly did the job decently enough and as a dictaphone, it also did the job. These things are more like general purpose computers than plain old phones. Also, sliding the thing closed doesn't hang up a call, so you can waste the already pretty shocking battery life very easily.

When it arrived it was an amazing piece of technology. If I had dropped an iPhone I would have been calling the cops to get it back safe.

Camera is nice but sluggish! Did you install both applications to the Phone Memory? If you are still having problems Email me and i'll answer in more detail.

Any ideas why this would be. Nokia Research Center allowed an application interface directly to the accelerometer, allowing software to use the data from it. In my experience I actually feel Nokia's software is some of the most reliable, especially for their initial release.

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Finally got it to work sjc but I can only get it to open the radio in headphone mode, so not much good really. Its main purpose was to allow users to show photos and videos on a large screen.

The Clock works in Portrait and landscape mode and has an option to change the colour to Red, green or Blue. It seems like the primary complaint by the first few posters is battery life.


Thank you very much for your time and effort. And where can I get Python?

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