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Not excited dating, why is my boyfriend not excited about our anniversary?

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This is another question that can only be answered with time and several dates. This is completely normal and happens to countless single and divorced women. Does he treat you right, the way you want to be treated? Advantages of Positive Neutrality If you can adopt this balanced mindset, you can go out to meet men and come back feeling good. You need to see who a man is in person before you know if you will enjoy the first date, never mind get a second.

But is this really such a good idea? You have some ideas, but not nearly enough to predict your future together.

However, we're discussing what we should do for our anniversary tomorrow. Well, you start building things up in your mind. That is the beauty of Positive Neutrality. Will the chemistry be as good in person as it was in email and on the phone?

Why is my boyfriend not excited about our anniversary? - GirlsAskGuys

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He may be great or he may be awful or he may disappear. Other times there are simply no sparks when you are face to face. It can also be true for a second or third date.

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You will find that being optimistic and positive, but remaining relatively neutral a game changer for your dating life. Does he have the same dating agenda as you do? What happens is that you end up way down the road, dating a bangladeshi guy planning how well things are going to work out.

You might buy a new outfit, pamper yourself, get your hair and nails done, etc. Does he keep his promises? All of this will help you know how serous a man is about you. The only way to decide if you can trust a man is to have experience with him over time. This is making me really upset, he's not an ass.

He's never givem anything much enthusiasm, but tomorrow's our anniversary and he says he loves me. That is exactly what I am talking about in this post.

Why is my boyfriend not excited about our anniversary?

Does he pursue you consistently or is he more sporadic? My advice is to aim for feeling neutral. We are happy together, we have a nice stable relationship and we love each other. We are officially celebrating next weekend, when we both have enough time and can make it really special.