Of Lonely By Akon

Most of the ladies are wearing hot pants which are short and the bras and tops are cut low which are exposing bigger portions of their breasts. It a long process and calls for concentration which might lack due to other commitments. For instance, when he is singing the chorus, the tone rises a bit and is emotionally catching the audience such that they become apathetic. In France, it was popular and came as number two hit song of the time and in United States it did well and was ranked forth on the table. On other occasions the ladies are seen playing on their own and jumping up and down as men watch in closeness.

The lesson that comes from the song is that those in love should never take each other for granted. Use of instruments and background check is also notable in the song. Some other men are seen smoking and goes after a lady with a huge syringe.

The thriller in the song is in its cool nature which demonstrates the manner in which harmony is achieved. The setting of the song is in the night room which depicts the gravity of the situation that is, android games dr driving the dark side of life that a person goes through when the love comes to n end. The song is very timely and cuts across the different genres and touches on almost every person who has been in love.

Bundesverband Musikindustrie. These are all symbolic and astounding aspects of the song.

These are still symbols of sex that the song uses. Lonely I have nobody I have nobody For my own to call my own girl. While she is gone the reality dawns to the man and he is now able to see the real meaning of the girl to her. In real world the presence of bicycle is a suggestion of sex and love, the lamb is a show of innocence and the giant dice demonstrates chances that human life is face.

The ladies come close to men at other moments and rub against them in a suggestive manner. Lonely Akon Remix Song Kayroseart.

The gender roles are also well expressed in the song. The issue of dialogue in relationship is essential and can be used in the song to help solve issues arising in marriage and relationship.

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The ladies in the song are dressed in very minimal clothes and most other body parts are exposed. Select singles in the Format field. The night setting is also important in bringing about the feelings of the characters where the ladies have exposed bigger parts of their bodies remain hidden by darkness.

Lonely (Akon song)

Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. For instance, the instruments are applied in light mode and this helps the song to have the right touch.

The aspect of repetition makes the song simple and acceptable to the audience. The video was directed by Gil Green. Discography Awards and nominations.

Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely. It is a good depiction of the lonely situation mentioned in the song.


This aspect of gender brings mixed reactions about what is the purpose of dressing ladies in such manner. They touch on the characters feelings and emotional situations of the singer and audience. The lyrics demonstrate a story or a short narration about a boyfriend who abandons his girl and takes hr to be of no meaning. British Phonographic Industry.

This one here Goes out to all my players out there man, ya know That got that one good girl who's always been there man, like. Select Gold in the Certification field. Loneliness becomes so much that he sings out to release the feelings to the people.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The scenes are mostly dark and this gives the song its characteristic superb meaning.

Akon - Lonely Lyrics Akon. The song lonely by Akon is also known as Mr. Akon - I Wanna Love You ft.