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While positioned as a screen recorder for Windows, the software with its great ability of recording at high bitrates and frames, doubles up as a great recording software for games as well. Bandicam game recorder optimizes recording performance by using a hardware-accelerated technology.

But the fun is double when you can share your gameplay with your friends and other players worldwide. This capture software fully supports the hardware accelerated h.

Streaming configuration options are also somewhat limited, though it can handle the basic stuff. Pros Easy-to-understand interface Customizable video settings including hotkey and framerate capture. As a simple way to grab screens, though, it'll give you better-looking results than Steam's built-in capture.

Some may lack a few features but are very simple to use making them perfect for beginners. In fact, I personally use it to stream on my Twitch channel. Screenrecord is pretty good I remember from a while back. Another lovely feature is the ability to record separate streams of audio and even simultaneously export them as individual. Fraps Bandicam Camtasia ShadowPlay.

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With a gaming video recorder, esa polymath you can share all your experiences with your peers across the planet. Create a collection of the most memorable moments of your gaming life. The best part of gaming is sharing stories and experiences with other players.

As a result, the recorded file size is much smaller than other capture software. This suite is ridiculously flexible, allowing you to capture not only your game but also add a shot of your webcam, a watermark, and even more complex elements. This guide will point you to the best recording software for your needs.

They're basically all present in ReLive as well, and in some ways they're worse. That says nothing of Twitch, the Amazon-owned dynamo where competitive and non-competitive pros play their favorite games, live streaming their antics to adoring online crowds.

The best game recording software

10 Best Game Recording Software For Windows

Hardware Acceleration for Game Capturing Bandicam game recorder optimizes recording performance by using a hardware-accelerated technology. Bandicam is the best Game Recording Software for gamers. The software automatically identifies games and connects with them, you just need to press the hotkey to start or stop recording. Others may be left best for professionals who want to make a career out of streaming and video game tutorials. When all else fails, see if it works!

Record Game Sound and Microphone With Bandicam, gamers can record any sound on their computer with the multiple audio stream recording function. Fraps is great for benchmarking and seeing your current framerate, and it's also very easy to use with a minimal interface.

The best game screen recorders

Use your videos as online tutorials for other gamers or share playthroughs of the games you love. That should give you an indication of its complexity, though, at least as compared to some of the simpler programs here.


Also, unless specified, the maximum resolution that these software can record in would be the same as your display. Fast forward to today, where sharing or streaming video of your gameplay online is common, and almost any major game you can think of has a viewer base and star players.

10 Best Game Recording Software For Windows

Try the free version of Bandicam, the best game recorder! It's abilities as Pros Video capture tool inside a program some already use Video settings are highly customizable. The videos are compressed in real-time, which means even if you have less space in the drive, you may still be able to record a video.

All of these programs offer some kind of trial version, so you can give them a go before committing to one. Completed a tricky quest or killed a particularly tough boss?

Its main focus is to create clips to share on the company's website. Sharing recordings of your gameplay is all the rage these days, but believe it or not, watching someone play a video game is about as old as the pastime itself. When you get the video, make sure you compress it before sharing anywhere.

Cons Budget systems may see a noticeable performance hit Costs money for full features when similar programs are free. Cons Higher learning curve than other game capture tools. It is not a tool that just starts up and works, however.

Record Gameplay, Post to YouTube Bandicam is the perfect program for capturing and sharing online game video captures. Thank you for rating our product. If you have an Nvidia card, it's at least worth a try, as it's right there waiting to be tried. Cons The Game bar interface doesn't always show up Inconsistent performance in our tests.

If you want to get in on the fun, how do you get started and which recording software should you use? How to record gameplay Bandicam offers the best game recording experience.