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Call down two flying saucers on the enemy tank. No explosion radius, large points, throws the tank nicely, deadly. And lots of weapons have no descriptions. Select your angle and power, then fire a very unique arsenal of weapons at your opponent.

Tornado Creates a tornado that cruises along the ground, and shreds up the terrain. Fires burning glue when bullet nears enemy tank. Snowblower, Aqua Bomb, and Super Flare. It was one of a handful of battalions that retained the towed configuration through the campaign. Companies A and C moved to the northern Ardennes sector by early December and participated in the Battle of the Bulge, with Company B arriving late in the game.

Its usage scope is pretty broad, but it's never quite just the perfect weapon for a situation, putting it in the middle of the power scale. Participated in Cobra breakout at end of month. Upon landing, the projectile sends up six more projectiles, which spread out by a couple of degrees.

Missile that bombs the target when it gets close. Chews up the terrain as it bounces along. Since it's nearly impossible to get both to hit at long distance without a Funnel, and the randomizing aspect is worthless, it's not really a very good weapon.

You can use cheats to increase the number of points for each weapon. Battled to Sarreguemines in December, shifted to Bastogne area to support counterattack against the Bulge.

Joined elimination of Ruhr Pocket in April, then pivoted and marched southeast through Austria and into Czechoslovakia. Fought at Mortain, established first contact with Canadians during encirclement of Falaise Pocket. Once the files are altered, they can be recompressed, and the result apk file is the Mod of Pocket Tanks. Of course, file recovery softwares that assumes that the tank stays in the middle of the blast - which is a lot to hope for.

Bullet that skips a large number of times before exploding. Reentered line in Mignano sector in late November, where supported assault on San Pietro. Unfortunately, very few people will let you do that.

Explodes near tank, releasing burning shrapnel in all directions. At long range, your best hope is to aim it so that it lands slightly behind the enemy tank, which will hopefully lead to maximized damage from both the bombs and the projectile itself. Number one is firing it to one side of your enemy, and letting the wind roll it the rest of the way. Other than that, there aren't many cons to consider at all! And if you don't, there's another use for this weapon.

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If they don't, they'll pop when they run out of time, and that will also damage tanks that are very close. Okay, here's something else. As soon as they hit the ground - or even better, the enemy tank - they burst into water.

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Thus, this weapon must be used when your opponent is backed up against a wall. Supported drive to Bitburg in March and reached Rhine by mid-month. There are more differences, but those are the biggest.

Weapon packs can only be unlocked by downloading mods for each separate pack. Conducted artillery missions in October. Thereafter remained in defensive positions. It will not open on my laptop after I download it. Races along the ground, filling the heavens with stars.

At close range, sweeps the area with burning flames. Took up rear-area security duties in France and Belgium. Fracture Shreds, bends, and completely ruins the terrain wherever the projectile lands. Withdrawn from line during March.

With any wind at all, it's worthless, and even with no wind, it's pretty bad. Number two is to fire it so that it hits a wall and drops down on top of your enemy.

It's pretty much solely for digging yourself out of dirt weapons, but there are much better choices for this Mountain Mover, anyone? It can be used in a lot of situations and is effective in most of them, and is never particularily difficult to do damage with. The Early History of Spacecraft and Rocketry.

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Pocket tanks weapons pack

For best results, use Funnel. For this reason I'm giving a four until you agree to give this game free for me. Phaser Fires three zaps from your turret in a straight line to your opponent. It is rare to get a whole lot of damage with this weapon, but it is easy to hit with.

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Number one, fire it on yourself and carve out the area around you, turning slight misses into complete misses - but most people know how to hit tanks, and not miss them. Send a fleet of retro robotic blimps to assault your enemy.