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As of Full Tilt was fully reopened, backed by PokerStars. Re read my post, I do not need a thesis. Our coaches use it with great frequency as a teaching tool in coaching sessions and poker strategy videos. It features an impressive user interface that does a good job of organizing a dizzying array of options and statistics.

With frequent updates and features added, Poker Analytics strikes a nice balance between ease of use and under-the-hood customization power. The highest-rated poker tracking app of all-time, java reference book Poker Income Pro is unquestionably a popular choice among players. These interactive tools allow poker players to constantly improve in incremental and meaningful ways throughout the day on desktop and mobile devices.

As us Mac are often quite forgotten about can I suggest the excellent PkrCruncher. You'll also find rules and hand rankings for Texas Hold'em, Omaha and other poker games. So, by using poker strategy software to your advantage, you are demonstrating a certain depth of knowledge. Compete against friends and players from around the world Participate in a world poker tour straight from your phone!

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Get started with this awesome chips package. PioSolver simply produced a level of insight into the game theory aspects of specific poker situations at a depth and speed that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. One other anything I have found is with the wheel, first time I responded I won the big one.

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And now you can join them at the tables with PokerStars. Why would I want to use Flopzilla instead of Combonator.

Play online poker tournaments anytime, everywhere! It works and I got because everyone here uses Flopzilla.

Best Poker Apps for Mobiles

The other player called my all-in and I won but the money never went to me. There's no better place to learn and play poker. Before it ran into trouble with the authorities, Full Tilt Poker first began giving poker fans the chance to play real money poker via their new Rush Poker Mobile app. You can use e-wallets or even BitCoins here. Hi James I really like your fold equity calculator but am curious on one thing.

What matters to me is Why. PokerSnowie is interesting in that its educational arsenal is based on a balanced, non-exploitative approach. High Roller Club Leader Board. Advanced analytics on your performance help you take an objective look at your game and improve after each session.

Using the list of already-vetted apps was the easiest way to do this. Jackpot Poker by PokerStars. These programs will enable you to analyze your game in greater depth and detail than ever possible. Simply being a user of these poker analysis programs distinguishes your thought process at the table.

Mobile Poker

Best Poker Apps for Mobiles

Feel free to check it out for yourself. You can practice any hand you want against life-like opponents, all in a web-based application you can play without having to download anything.


The ultimate poker game with Holdem tournaments, free chips and bonuses! There are hundreds of mobile poker apps to choose from, and there is something for everyone. Poker Heat Safe PackageSpecial. Good players makes it even more fun!

Mobile Poker

There are many different kinds of tools available from the serious e. Play Texas Hold'em Poker online and enjoy the best card multiplayer tournaments! Win Daily Bonuses and Free Perks Get your daily free poker chips bonus multiplied by your league ranking! PokerRanger several enhanced features for calculating equity based on whether players react with a fold, call or raise, and a deep selection of graphs and other visual tools for hand analysis.

It is best suited for beginner to intermediate mobile poker players. Like Flopzilla, PokerRanger is built to calculate the equity of various range matchups.

Make a note of any hand they showdown and how they played it. Judging by the traffic this page gets, you do too! Just updated this article to reflect the new lifetime price.


Flopzilla is essential software for the serious poker player. At the core is a user-friendly interface that makes the basic functions of inputting data and visualizing results a snap. Play our tutorial and try out a few practice hands, showing you how to play, and what you can expect when you start playing for real. Claim your bonus Get rewarded for making your first deposit.