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For there are new collections from top country artists, classic pop artists, and current stars. David Foster produced and arranged the album. Dalton came up in the New York City folk scene alongside Bob Dylan, but heroin took hold and never really let go. As good as this trio is, it's too soon to declare victory over the pop radio's historic tendency toward monotony. Some refreshed tried and true themes, like teen romance and women's liberation.

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Streaming and Download help. It included two new songs and nine holiday classics. The palette ranges from Nineties grunge to wintry front-porch lamentation to Beatles bounce, tied together by a sweet Southern-bro sentimentality.

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Calendar Created with Sketch. But wall-to-wall radio airplay kept it atop the Hot for nine weeks.

The album is balanced between a handful of new songs and a strong selection of traditional favorites. Drake, Diddy, Pharrell, Kelly Rowland and a recharged Nas ride with Rawse, and with swirling, dense beats spurring the headliner's unmatched confidence, Rich Forever blows like a hurricane. The result is two hours of extended soul funk at its finest.

Don Cornelius is the master of ceremonies enough said? Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau has been particularly vocal on the matter, decrying the loss of the monoculture as recently as a half-decade ago. And those vocal harmonies still kill. But Red is not a departure, it's a deepening and accentuating of Swift's natural gifts for storytelling and irrefutable hooks.

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This time Nice Apple is auto-cathecting by Nice Apple. It was just hiding out in Brooklyn, where this piece club orchestra crafted its debut set of glitter-caked grooves. On YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, amongst ourselves, we shared, and shared, and shared. Christmas With Scotty McCreery is his second studio album.

Refused and Kaospilot may have been stabbing their crusty Nordic Cross flag into music's gut for years, but a new generation of Scandi-punks are ready to take up the mantle. Rejuvenated by singer Adam Levine's starring gig on The Voice, this quintessentially suburban SoCal band has risen fully to the challenge, making increasingly self-aware music. The list of performers leans to the alternative side of the musical spectrum, pascal programming software but these charming versions of holiday classics will appeal to most pop fans.

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Purchasable with gift card. Radio is still a powerful medium, capable of making hits. The idea of the brilliantly morose Chan Marshall making a dance-rock record is almost absurd.

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As Gang Gang Dance, Grimes and Julia Holter have proved, these days you don't even need to leave your bedroom to cadge a bit of global cred. Master Boot Record fires up a monstrously-efficient assembly line, powered by industrial, synth-wave, and hardcore techno.

When the surging production breaks three minutes in and Hayes bends forward into the gentlest falsetto imaginable, he fully earns the swoons he's raking in. On their seventh album they complete an evolution from neo-bluegrass pickers to pure pop tune-crushers. The collection ultimately earned a gold certification for sales.

On This Winter's Night is their first full-length Christmas album. The song mesmerizes by never falling off that precipice.

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This seventh studio album from country star and The Voice mentor Blake Shelton was his first Christmas collection. After a handful of years when four-on-the-floor dance beats dominated radio, had both in spades.

All four songs especially Psy's commanded our conversation largely via YouTube and iTunes, more than the radio, which caught onto them late. Remember the radio station that was only targeting toyear-old guys, or toyear-old females? Switch on the radio and you could be mistaken for thinking that genres have blurred into one. Arrow Created with Sketch. Green Day took a vacation from sweeping rock operas and spent banging out hot, hook-mad punk rock like it was all over again.

Manson vamps, sneers and tosses out sexily standoffish lyrics and big, gut-punch choruses, while the band works itself up to a frenzy of shimmering electronics and sleek, metronomic beats. Collected in one package, some of it sounds like mid-period Devo channeled through West Africa, others like wobbly living room disco built for shag carpet breakdowns. Anthology Beats by Cookin Soul. And while it was heartwarming to see boy-band pop make a comeback in via U.

This stuff is a trip, built by a Cameroonian genius hellbent on experimentation in Paris. Korean pop isn't a new phenomenon, but it's currently poised to launch a squeaky-clean assault on western tween affections. Two thirtysomethings who share a keen sense of paranoid-lefty outrage and hip-hop history, they update Eighties polemics for a new era. Gavin DeGraw and Brad Paisley guest on the album. Their electronic euphoria is guilt-free cred-pop for those opposed to David Guetta's chart supremacy.