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Potassium argon dating is useful for determining the age of old, dating Methods Using Radioactive Isotopes

Many minerals contain the element potassium. No potassium has been gained or lost since the reset time, wind set down simulation dating except by decay. An interesting point to make is that the Potassium-Argon process does not date the age of the rock.

Or if the rock is subject to atmospheric conditions, the Argon gas will mostly flow out of the rock and one can account for the presence of Atmospheric Argon gas in the rock. On the other hand, if the Argon has a place to go, as in a vacuum, then the Argon will escape out of the rock. No argon has been lost since the time the rock was reset, or set to zero.

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There is another group that has been conducting experiments for the express purpose of speeding up the transmutation process thus changing the half-life characteristics of radioactive materials. Historical data can be so inconclusive that a host of positions is possible from almost any set of data that is collected.

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This is probably the assumption that scientists make when they choose to present filtered data in a scientific paper. So since the time of the flood, there is no evidence that there has been any change in half-lives of radioactive materials. Now, what happens when volcanic lava flows go underwater into the sea? These flows are on the surface of the earth, where the Argon is able to escape into the atmosphere. So when the data does not come out right, it is only natural that they assume that there is something wrong with the dates that do not fit the long age viewpoint.

What conditions could have been present when igneous and volcanic rock was formed? There are other conditions outside of atmospheric conditions that this laboratory experiment can explore.

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The process can continue until some answer to the problem is understood. Another possibility is that the second assumption is being violated rather than the third. First of all, Argon is inert. Other particles, including neutrons, are produced by subsequent collisions. So in these flows, essentially all of the Argon came out of the rocks.

The seventh assumption is one that scientists are doing their best to fulfill. These flows had something that the other flows did not have.

Why is it that one type of date is used one time and not at another time, is not discussed in the paper. In effect, the accuracy of ideas is limited by the assumptions chosen by the researchers.

The sixth assumption is also fairly secure. This way of doing science is most prominent when the evidence is fragmentary at best. Dr Giem see references below has been able to find only two published papers. However, this is an assumption that could be challenged. There is no question about it.

That is done by heating the rock in a vacuum. Samples were taken from the Shroud and sent to several laboratories along with other samples of fabrics of known ages.

It is an assumption that they probably view as having no alternatives, yet if this same issue was ever pursued, it might uncover other possibilities suggesting a short age time scenario. The ratio of K to total K is constant. We do not have an issue of weight of evidence.

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Dating Methods Using Radioactive Isotopes

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These older dating rocks give the kind of dates as expected by the scientific community. As the K in the rock decays into Ar, the gas is trapped in the rock. So the volcanic rock and ash within these layers would have been been produced during the flood event.

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Your Questions Answered I'm sure you've had many responses to your article about the potassium-argon dating article and I'm sure sure you won't respond to this one. If crystals with uniform lattices form they may be candidates for potassium-argon dating. Would all the Argon come out of the heated rock under these high pressure conditions? The material in question lost all its argon at an identifiable time, the reset time.

So if there are multiple heatings of the rock, the K-Ar dating process may give the researcher a number that is not what the researcher expects to find. There is such a strong consensus of opinion on K-Ar dating and other similar topics that deal with the history of the Earth that alternative viewpoints are probably viewed as being counterproductive. Dating Methods using Radioactive Isotopes Oliver Seely Radiocarbon method The age of ancient artifacts which contain carbon can be determined by a method known as radiocarbon dating.

There is no proof for either position. So the cooling and crystallization of molten rock occurs below the surface of the ground. If one of these protons is hit by a beta particle, it can be converted into a neutron. If the Argon pressure is greater in the rock, then Argon will flow out of the rock.

Potassium-Argon Dating

They are looking for answers that would fit their present model. The idea that the Argon does not come out of the rocks, when water pressure is surrounding the rock, is extremely interesting to me! It has as its basis of understanding, various assumptions which concern the conditions of the Earth for hundreds of millions of years. The concentration of argon used are a magnitude far beyond anything the atmosphere will ever have. Such a discussion might never be allowed in normal scientific circles because of the assumptions they choose to believe as being true.

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