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After time in a warzone, I need to be in control. And Paxton Cates is about to form a partnership he never expected.

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She grew up into a beautiful, sexy, smart woman. Delaney is tough, a smart-ass, and can cuss like a sailor. Only that old saying about love and hate being two sides of the same coin? What do you do for a living?

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And what better way than a round of Speed Dating! Someone like Jolene Joyner. Thai, the spicier the better. He needs someone, shishu bharati online dating and soon. And when they call me in to catch the hackers?

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Especially when I thought for sure she was using me. Then they can go their separate ways. My brothers warned you about the meatloaf, right? Corporations pay me to find their weak spots before a real hacker does. The thing is, the five Cates brothers are close.

The only problem is that Jolene seems to have developed a taste for bad behavior. How often do you do your laundry? She still uses those big gray eyes to suck guys in and hypnotize them. After spending years in the Army deployed to war zones, I need to escape into the wilderness every so often to find myself.

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Quinn, Sijan, Tynan, Kaz, and Paxton. She handles the laundry and dry cleaning. Any meal I can eat without having to abandon it in the middle for an emergency call from work is a good meal in my book. Because you and everyone you know will end up adopting some pitiful creature needing a home.

Every Saturday morning I make a run to the dry cleaners. After a few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Army, I came home and started my own construction business. Goody Two-Shoes is in trouble for the first time in her life, and she needs a lawyer.

Tarot SoulMate Relationship Love Romance