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James is adamant about removing the hypocritical moralistic blinders that allow for inequitable behavior in the church community. Every community acting on the principles of Jesus must see, hear and speak the truth. Our current Republican and Democratic wrangling in Washington, D. You see, the mad scientist who created the super-intelligent apes is from Japan, so they use yen.

Thus, you have the other two monkeys, one blind and the other deaf. Rather than let the monkeys make a monkey out of me, I embraced the lepers and searched for Jesus among them. The deaf monkey would see the code, but not be able to decipher it, while the blind monkey would hear the key, but not have nothing to decode. The ornate temple was filled with screeching monkeys. However, if the monkeys could communicate some how and share their experiences, then they could potentially figure out anything.

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Through intimacy and touch, the incarnate God's presence is felt. My eyes, ears and mouth were opened to finding the incarnate Christ in the midst of one of the greatest metaphors for evil, leprosy.

Through intimacy and touch

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Catching up with the culprit, I put my left foot on the backpack and the tug of war began. Curb the spread of evil by not listening to evil rumors, by not looking on evil things, nor repeating evil things through gossip. So lets assume they are unable to communicate. Eventually, I drop-kicked the sacred monkey with my right foot squarely in his derriere and he sailed into the air qualifying, no doubt, as the first sacred flying monkey.

Oddly enough in the Western World, the proverb refers to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of those who refuse to acknowledge evil. If the crime involves both senses to decode, then it would not be fully understood by either. His screams brought his pals to his rescue as I beat a hasty retreat out the door of the sacred temple only to find myself surrounded by a band of lepers who were begging for money.

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