Tsreader decoder disabled dating

Tsreader decoder disabled dating

The top indicator shows the fullness of the buffer that's used to keep data coming in from the source the satellite, cable, terrestrial tuner or a file. SplitSeconds Number of seconds to record to a file in split mode. In the case of video streams, a thumbnail with a picture will be shown and for audio streams a simple chart showing volume level is created.

If this indicator overflows it's because the destination you're streaming to can't keep up with the stream. If a non repetitive pattern ie.

When set to zero, no thumbnails will be displayed for scrambled channels. If you see this value as zero, it indicates the stream has stopped. RecordFile The name of the last recorded file. Added display of closed captions carried in H.

ThumbnailProcessingThreadPriority Priority of theMost network streams have

Only used on machines with multiple interfaces network cards. TransportStreamInitialDir The default folder for recording transport streams. All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only.

SplitFormatString When splitting recordings thisIf a non repetitive pattern ie

This will vary widely because Windows is not a real-time operating system. ManualChannelsInitialDir The default folder for manual channel definition lists. These both show buffer fullness. ThumbnailInitialDir The folder used to write thumbnails.

SerialReceiverType Type code for serial receiver control. ReloadManualChannels This doesn't appear to do anything. If not defined or set zero will default to one try. If these indicators reach full a buffer overrun has occurred.

Most network streams have just a single channel, but satellite, cable and terrestrial don't. SplitFormatString When splitting recordings, this string is used as the base of the recorded filenames.

ThumbnailProcessingThreadPriority Priority of the thumbnail processing thread. Thumbnail Thread This is the priority given to each of the thumbnail decoders. Even very fast computers would have a very hard time keeping up with this.

StreamProcessingThreadPriority The priority of the main stream processing thread. These decode almost all video flawlessly but they're not written with a particular piece of hardware or processor in mind. Transport streams can contain a single program or many programs. Our experience it that DirectX doesn't work right with all the streams we've encountered over the years.

If this indicator overflows