Tweet singer dating

Tweet singer dating

So I'm alone, but I'm not lonely. Large or multiple blood clots can be fatal.

That's just what I want to do. Bryant, who confirmed last year that he and the singer are dating, took to Instagram to reveal that the singer had been hospitalized for blood clots in both lungs and her right arm. The song was produced by Timbaland and featured guest vocals by Missy Elliott.

So I'm alone

It's the whole process of dating and sitting down and getting to know somebody and if that don't work, you go to the next dude. And then all that dating will be out the way and I'll just know it's for sure. Music takes people to different places, and if you only want to take it to the club or the bedroom, I'm not interested. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard chart.

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But blood clots in your lungs is also called a pulmonary embolism. During the interview Tweet mentioned her excitement teaming up with Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

And I think we've lost that. Pulmonary embolisms cause death in one-third of people who go undiagnosed or untreated. But that time gave me a lot of insight on how to love myself first. There was also a super hot remix produced by The Orphanz. So Addictive, with Tweet contributing vocals to five tracks.

Large or multiple blood clots

So it's like, wait a minute- you may need to date. Yea, it has definitely changed. And to not fall into that whole world of I need to be accepted by what I post and my life.

Tweet Dating Pastor Jamal Bryant

So it was just that type of thing. For me, I don't want to put any pressure on myself. During that time, the singer peeled back from the industry in order to get her life together. The album was filled with soul-stirring vocals and lyrics taken from Tweet's own life experiences. Blood clots are serious no matter where they are in your body.