How to Install a Floating Staircase

Updating floating stairs

Stringers attached to one wall or stringers that run along the middle of the steps are most common. We had to work pretty hard to clean the paint and drips of glue and stain off the stairs you can still see the paint smeared all over the riser.

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As you can see, when paired with the warmth of honey-colored oak, the black powder coated stringer and cable railing system make a refined statement. But with attention to detail and precise planning it is possible to create the illusion of a floating stair. Additionally, this configuration is more compact than straight stairways, saving space while still making an impact. White stringers would accentuate this space just as beautifully, disappearing into the light color scheme. Five lag bolts and multiple screws to lock tread in place with leveling wood plate underneath the tread.

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The second stair stringer was installed using multiple screws as well as liquid nails for added stability. We went to the store and picked up a stain that matched the wood on the railings. Lots of beautiful examples of floating stairs, but none we could use. One of the major difficulties with stringers that run along one wall is that walls are often not perfectly straight, which can make calculations and installation difficult. Consider whether the stair will be stained or painted.

Multiple screws were used for added stability. These floating stairs need vertical support as well. At the below models you can find many floating stair images with various of options.

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How to Install a Floating Staircase

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There are also stairs that attach to poles or wires that connect to the ceiling, which make the stairs appear to be suspended. The type with a single stringer in the middle attaches to the top and bottom of the staircase, and steps are attached to platforms or notches along the stringer. Finally it was time to tear up the carpet on the landings and put down the bamboo to carry the bamboo visually between the two spaces and complete the look.